Website Features
ZUMA takes the headache and the guesswork out of making a website. Gone are the days of quotes, hidden fees, and exorbitant hourly rates.


We’ll start things off with a conversation with you to find out about the scope and needs of your website project. Start the conversation by contacting us here.

Easy Collaboration

Our team of professionals will set up the easiest way to get exactly what we need from you, over to us, to begin work on your website. This might look like content, photos, or video.

Wordpress Backend

We set up our websites exclusively on WordPress, which is perfect for informational sites, blogs, e-commerce, portfolio sites, and more. And it’s easy to update.

Innovative Designs

We craft engaging multi-platform experiences that look good on any browser, and use updated designs and schematics to give you a fresh look and feel without compromising usability.

Standards-based Coding

We strive to use only HTML and CSS front-end development (WordPress CMS) that has responsiveness (mobile-friendly) and graceful degradation built in.

Included Hosting

We host with an award-winning company called Site5 which has an incredible track record for site speed, hosting troubleshooting and boasts a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Malware Protection

We watch over your site’s uptime and performance from malware and virus attacks (which are more common than you think) with fulltime protection from Site5. (optional)

Quick Turnaround

Our team (all in-house and never outsourced) will put your site together quickly and swiftly. Depending on revisions, we can turn out a website inside of 3-4 weeks.

Social Media Connectivity

We’ll make sure your website is connected to all your social media profiles for enhanced connectivity and to drive traffic.

Mobile-Friendly Design

We’ll make sure your content looks great on Apple devices (like iPhones and iPads) as well as other mobile devices.

Multi-Browser Compatibility

We’ll do testing to check your site’s compatibility with IE8, IE9, Firefox 2-4, Safari 4+5, Opera, and Chrome.

E-Commerce Capabilities

Do you need to sell items on your site or build a e-commerce website? We can help you at ZUMA Studios.

Forms and Additional Features

Some websites require specialized forms and other forms of customized content. We can help you at ZUMA Studios.